2018 Horoscopes – Love, Luck and Money

2018 Horoscopes by Amira Celon

Overall 2018 should be a more positive and productive year for most signs as Jupiter has moved into the sign of Scorpio and it is no long in challenging aspects to Pluto and Uranus. I advise you to read your sun sign and also your ascendant. This is a review of where to find your luck, what to focus on and where to take action.

Aries: This year highlights intimacy, conception, mutual resources, other people’s money, inheritances, sexual affairs, deep feeling of intuition and soul searching.

Other people will be more co-operative and supportive, you may receive money through other people like banks, family members, inheritances as well as the possibility of winning money. You may receive more money now through past business partners or past marriage partners. If you have been through a long court battle you may now see a good outcome or have luck with settlements. If you need to take someone to court then this year is good year to do it.

Be careful not to get involved in too much gossip or anything secretive. Some secrets may be difficult to keep private. If you are having a secret love affair it could come out in the open.

You may rise up in society and get connections with powerful people.

For those who wish to fall pregnant you will have an easier time especially before October. If you are giving birth this year before November you should have an easy or uncomplicated childbirth. Any surgeries with the right practitioner should go very well.

Old emotional traumas will come up from the past to be healed. You can have a spiritual awakening on a deep level.

You may transform your whole life this year either psychically by doing something radically with your body or appearance or through external influences like clients, business partners and marriage partners. For example your partner may receive a lot more money this year or you may have a lot more clients. You may receive a large tax rebate or dividend that is owing to you and it may come by surprise.

Overall this is a great year for money and wellbeing with the assistance of others.

Your lucky number is 8

Taurus: This year highlights Relationships, Partnerships, Contracts, Business and Marriage.

This year you will have more opportunities in partnerships and relationships. You will have a lot of luck in partnerships and there is luck for marriage. Single Taurus can get married. Married Taurus can get divorced if the marriage is not working and they may quickly have someone else who proposes.

If you are looking for the ideal business partner or more clients you will find this year brings better quality people into your life. This year will teach you how to deal with conflict in an effective way. Any relationships that are not working will get removed or healed and transformed and you will attract more balanced relationships. You have more awareness now around all your partnerships and relationships.

This is a great year to get married as Jupiter is giving you luck so if you have been waiting then this is the time. There will be more opportunities to join people for projects and mutually beneficial work agreements. You will become more popular this year and increase your audience or popularity. You may have more contact with foreign people and travel more. Money will be abundant through partnerships.

Overall you will have luck through serious partnerships.

Your lucky number is 7

Gemini: This year highlights health, healthy habits, fitness, diet and work.

You will feel like you have a handle on any health situation this year. You may transform your diet and exercise regime and day to day habits and routines.

There is a lot of luck now to find the right job or many different jobs. You may juggle a few jobs or choose between a few great job offers. You will feel more organised and use your time more wisely. You may study something relating to wellness and wellbeing and become an authority on the subject.

It is a year where you will be very busy with work either change jobs or get head hunted by a company that will offer you a better position.

Something to watch out for is jealousy with co-workers and be careful before signing any contracts. There can be hidden competition that you will become aware of.

You will feel like you want to re-organise your whole life, clean out any clutter, keep things simple and efficient, do a detox cleanse and remove anything that is no longer serving you like unwanted objects and things. By doing this you will feel lighter. You will feel more empathetic towards people who have problems.

It is a good year for getting a new pet or helping animals in some way.

Your reputation and bank balance will improve by the end of the year. You will have luck with loans, mortgages and refinancing.

Overall this will be a very busy year and a productive year where you will have more responsibility in work and more opportunities for your career and money.

Your lucky number is 6

Cancer: This year highlights love, dating, children, creative projects, passion and fun.

You will feel more social and have luck in meeting a soul mate or having a baby this year. Your creative talents will flourish so it is very important to focus on your creativity and whatever you are passionate about.

You might create a baby or a new project. This is a highly romantic year which will be very healing for you especially if you haven’t experienced anything romantic for a long time. You will be invited on more dates and parties which will be a great way in which you will meet someone and fall in love. You will heal through anything you create and it will ignite new passions. This is also a very sexual year where you will feel more attractive and attract new lovers.

This is a great time to launch a new business or hobby business that you feel passionate about. It will reap money and rewards that you could imagine.

If you are working in front of an audience you will have more luck getting artistic jobs or bookings or finding the best agent to represent you. Your creative talents will shine and with that you will have more followers and success.

Overall this is a great year to meet your soul mate and fall in love.

Your lucky number is 5

Leo: This year highlights home, property, family, settling and emotional happiness.

This year you will spend a lot of time with your family and relatives. You may expand the members of your family either through marriage or the birth of children. You may feel the need to move into a bigger house and this is a good year to invest in property or find the ideal living situation. You may be doing expansions in the home or beautifying it in remarkable way. You may plant a garden or renovate a garage or basement into a family room or special space to create music or play games.

There is healing with the past and anything related through the family. This year will give you a feeling of emotional contentment and feeling of being healed and feel stable and balanced. Many will feel like a new person on the inner side.

You can gain money through real estate, properties, caring or being a carer for someone who needs nurturing. You may be working with families and gardens, automobiles, antiques and collectibles.


Overall you will have a stronger sense of self and a clearer plan for your future. You will decide to move if you are not happy with your current place of residence and where you move to will be more fortunate.

Your Lucky Number is 4

Virgo: This year highlights documents, papers, education, learning new skills, communications, travel, contacts, business and marketing activities.

This is a very active year where you will be travelling around more, juggling more work and skills. It is a good year to launch any business and get better results from online platforms and the media. There will be more contacts and people following you and more agreements and contracts.

You may get an opportunity for immigration or filing a residency application.

You will have more commercial and business activities. You may have to write more whether it is for study, work or your business.

If you work in PR, Marketing, Self Employed, Teaching, Training or running Small Business you will have a great opportunity this year and momentum of reaching a wider audience. Your communication skills will improve and you will receive more offers through the mail, email and phone.

Your skills will improve dramatically and will help you promote yourself and gain a lot of wealth through what you do in the world moving forward. This has a 12 year influence so whatever seeds you plant this year will keep paying off for a long time.

This is the best time to use social media or launch a new website or profile to show off your talents.

There can be healing through or from your childhood and siblings. You may spend more time with your siblings or neighbours this year.

Any forms of writing and publications will pay off this year.

Overall is it is very social year.

Lucky number is  3

Libra: This year highlights money, resources, investments, finances, possessions and self worth.

The skills you have learnt in the last year will be put to the test and put into practise. You will be relieved of any heavy responsibilities or be able to share these with a partner.

You will benefit financial gain this year as all your hard work and learning from the past year will start to pay off. You may receive more money through work and resources especially if you are renting a space in your home or have a property to rent. You can receive a pay-rise or promotion.

Your self esteem will have a boost. You will make money through other people who invest in you. You may be starting a new business which will be more lucrative by the end of 2018.

Things to watch out for is to use your wisdom and the lessons you have learnt to make wise decisions and investments. This is a time to break out of old patterns and make better and wiser decisions. The past year has taught you many lessons which now need to be put into practise.

Having more money may give you a feeling to spend more so just be careful not to spend on things that are not important. This is a year to consolidate your finances.

Health wise you should feel great.

You may be very effective this year is you start manifesting great things into your life through the power of positive thinking and creative visualisation.

Overall you may come across a lucky break in many areas in your financial life. There can be miracles and success through thinking very big!

Lucky Number is 2

Scorpio: This year highlights opportunities for more abundance, study, travel, growth and happiness. With Jupiter in your sign for most of 2018 it will giving you so much luck and positivity.

Big transformations are in store in your life, a new career, a new job, a new love, a new sense of vigour and energy. You will have better relationships with men whether you are male or female. There will be deep healing of any inner traumas or feelings which will create a new beginning. A lot of the past will be let go leading you to a new dynamic path you will want to take with optimism. You will have more forgiveness with anyone who has slighted you or hurt you.

This year you will have a spiritual awakening which will propel you to a new level of consciousness. You will feel like a door has opened or the veil has lifted. You will feel more intuitive and psychic which will reveal mysteries of life to you which will help you explore the depths of the soul. There will be more revelations of why things are happening to you making you more generous, forgiving and empathetic. You will have more patience with people who normally bother you.

Be careful not to take this year for granted and make the most of it.

With the benefits of Jupiter you will have opportunities to gain more wealth and money and new love or a creative project you will feel you need to get going very quickly.

This is a year where you are more likely to fall pregnant or father a child. Watch out if you won’t want to gain weight and this transit can be very expansive also in the body.

Overall you will have more self confidence and feeling of self worth.

Your Lucky Number is 1

Sagittarius: This year highlights matters of spirituality, foreign travel, letting go, removing unnecessary things from your life.

Healing from the past will come up for 2018 where you may go over past ground and release anything that no longer serves you or put memories to rest. Any grief and losses will be put into perspective and finally you will feel peace about certain subjects that you have been carrying.

Anything you are hiding or being secretive about will come to light in a good way. You may have some amazing realisations around any sort of obsession or compulsion.

Luck will be gained through overseas travel and connections with foreign people and cultures. Some of you may decide to move somewhere very remote, exotic or culturally different. This is a great year for creating art or going on a sabbatical trip that may include a spiritual pilgrimage, spiritual retreat or study. Extended visits to foreign countries are highlighted. You may fall in love with someone who is from a different country.

Some of you will explore the family tree and find people who you were not aware of which will be a nice surprise.

Be careful not to overindulge in any addictive substances or behaviours.


This is a great year to cleanse and release what you are no longer needing which may take shape through a downsize in your home and letting go of belongings. Animal conservation and helping the less fortunate will be on your mind and you may be actively involved with charity organisations.

Your dreams may be very vivid and they will give you major insights. This year will be the biggest for you regarding spiritual growth.

For creative pursuits like fashion, film and music you will get the best ideas this year that will be put into action.

Overall this is a year for rest and rejuvenation and you will feel great in mind, body and soul.

Your lucky number is 12

Capricorn: This year highlights material gains, achieving long term goals, creating networks and new friendships.

This year will be the best for networking and socialising. You will make more friends and associates through work or your personal life. You may become involved in groups and these groups will assist you in becoming more financially or professionally successful. This is a great year of being in the right place at the right time. You will connect with people who are powerful and influential and you will be gain a lot through these connections. It could be through clubs, groups or associations. Take action to make contacts and explore new groups and clubs as you will see the results over time.

You may meet a life partner through a group, club or network of friends for business or marriage.

You will see some of your wishes coming true and you will be more popular.

If you are working in IT or Television you will have a lot of success and may be head hunted for your talents.

Be careful not to get involved the wrong people or people with a corrupt past as they could pull you down.

You could win money or win some special deals or contracts in your work or business. You may get a title or award for something you have done in your past that is being recognised.

Overall your goals will be realised and give you many rewards both financially and personally.  A very lucky year to make the most of your connections.

Your lucky number is 11

Aquarius: This year highlights Social prestige, reputation, career, institutions and structure.

Many of you will get a promotion, pay rise or better career move. You could be pushed into the public eye or become a boss of something or leader where you are asked to speak.

Your reputation will be very strong and give you a solid platform to show your talents. You will be more supported by people in authority as well as father figures. The relationship with a father or father figure will improve this year and you will spend more time together or in contact. They could be a helpful mentor.

You may have more responsibility because you have climbed up the ladder and are now in a position that is more important.

You can get a lucky break in some area of your life that will benefit your life path overall, beyond 2018. You could attract a person who helps you be more successful and to achieve your goals.

Your friends will see you as a leader and organiser of events and social circles. They look up to you for advice and it will be hard to ruin your reputation this year.

You could get a contract you have been waiting for or an agreement through a government body or educational institution. You can be granted immigration which will take you up in the world to a new country.

If you are in the public eye and are influencer you will gain many more followers and your reputation will soar to new heights.

You can ask favours from people in power now.

For single Aquarians you can meet someone through your work or school for  a love relationship.

Overall this is the year to push your power and go to the highest level possible.

Your lucky number is 10

Pisces: This year highlights foreign travel, higher education, higher knowledge, luck and positivity, new horizons, new teachers and inspirational figures in life.

You will feel more motivated and inspired and energetic this year. You will feel like your goals and visions can be manifested into your life. You will feel more hopeful and positive about the future and your life in general. Your point of view and beliefs will be changing leading to a rebirth of your whole mind, spirit and life. There is deep healing through listening to new teachers, gurus and reading inspirational books that you may not have explored before.

This is a time where you can start teaching your skills or learn new skills. You may be a mentor for someone or be influenced by an inspirational person. Higher learning and education will be very smooth and lucky this year.

Some of you will reap rewards through travelling to foreign countries. If you are taking a year or semester to study abroad this is the year to do is as you will get more out of it than you imagined.

You will find it easier to learn a new language and get a visa or immigration status approved. You may marry someone who has a different nationality or fall in love while you are travelling.

There will be a lot of deja vu messages coming through your subconscious mind. You will be able to see things a lot clearer this year and feel guided to make the right decisions. You will feel more in tune and psychic this year. Some of you may start learning the tarot or studying astrology or teaching esoteric arts.

Overall this is a super lucky year where you need to follow your intuition and clear thinking to guide you to open the right doors.

Your lucky number is 9

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