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How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect Meeting Someone New

How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect Meeting Someone New! People often freak out when Mercury goes in a backwards motion in the sky or retrograde. This happens in total about one quarter of every year so as I like to say life must go on and the show must go on! Should we put our love life on hold for a quarter of every year?

A lot of people are afraid to meet someone new under a mercury retrograde aspect. This can be true in the sense that sometimes people from the past as in your past lives or someone you have dated in this life may circle back around for another attempt at a relationship with you under these planetary aspects.

For many of us, we may go over the past, process what we have done and revisit old relationships either in our own minds or in person. We may seek out an old love or an old love may seek us out.

Often, I have noticed that some relationships that start with a bang under Merc Retro finish when the transit finishes so it may be to learn something new or try something new with someone but you may change your mind about the person when the wheels of Mercury are back in a forward moving motion.

For people who are born with Merc Retro in their natal chart, they may not feel such an impact with this transit. It is important to take a detailed look at your whole natal chart and transits to see where the strengths and weaknesses are at this time.

You are welcome to consult myself or one of my international psychic team members who specialise in Astrology to check this for you – here at

Many blessings
Amira Celon


Signs that you and your significant other are drifting apart

Signs that you and your significant other are drifting apart! Sometimes you may question yourself in your busy life with the kids and your husband or wife – “Are we really together as a couple like we were or are we drifting apart?”

All relationships have their ups and downs and go through fazes but here are a few tips on how to recognize the “under the radar” signs that you and your significant other may be drifting apart.



  1. Lack of communication about spending time together and have alone time and dates outside the family. This can come about after various arguments and fights about how much time you spend together so to avoid further fights many couples just put it in the too hard basket and avoid the subject again.
  2. Feeling like you are two ships passing in the night. If you are your partner have totally different schedules and very rarely spend a lot of time together but sleep together in same bed you may start to feel like you are less close to your partner.
  3. Lack of eye contact. Some people avoid eye contact with their partners to avoid getting into any sort of discussion that may lead to an argument or to avoid a commitment question. This can make you feel not seen in the relationship and not heard leading to a possible breakdown of the marriage over time.
  4. When you spend your free time with friends or doing hobbies where your partner is not present. This creates the people outside your primary relationship becoming your closest allies. In some cases, this is a good thing for a marriage but if all your time is spent with other people then these friends or acquaintances may become your go-to people for any emotional or heartfelt topics. In further cases, this can lead to extramarital affairs.

There are more examples that many people experience that may not be the status quo! Feel free to add yours to the comments section.

Amira Celon
Relationship Expert / Psychic Medium



For extra insights, it is recommended to look at a person’s rising sign (ascendant) and also moon sign as well as their Sun sign to get a total overview and more gift ideas.

Aries – Aries love action and adventure and anything of quality. They are often minimalistic and don’t like collecting too many items of the same thing.

Men – A nice wallet, a nice belt, a sports bag or sporting equipment, sports clothes, jet ski, bicycle, paddle board, canoe, kayak.

Women – Sports Equipment, top of the line sneakers, sports clothing, gift vouchers for their hair stylist or beauty salon, red or black lingerie, a vacation, an expensive handbag.

Taurus – Taurus loves the sensual pleasures of life and beautiful things.

Men – Fragrance or Cologne, A cashmere sweater, specialty items of gourmet food, a gift voucher to their favorite restaurant or a high-end restaurant, selected wine or champagne, a membership to a wine club, a romantic weekend away.

Women – Perfume, their favorite cosmetics/skin care or something special that they couldn’t afford to buy for themselves, an item of clothing or jewelry to compliment their wardrobe, a selection of lingerie or sets of underwear that they would wear, a romantic weekend away, a massage or spa package. Please note, if a Taurus woman doesn’t like a gift they will try to return it or replace it so items of clothing and jewelry should be well researched.

Gemini – Gemini loves things that make them think or something to stimulate their mind.

Men – A good book or novel, a gadget, anything electronic from a laptop to a new mobile phone, games they can play either alone or with friends like a chess set or board game as well as Xbox or the latest online and video games.

Women – A mobile phone, a travel voucher, books or a membership for audible, a gym membership, a personally written card with money inside or gift cards as Geminis love a personal touch of sentiment and often treasure handwritten cards, a day tour or something they would love to experience like concert tickets or entry to a theme park.

Cancer – Cancer loves things that are homely and cozy or something that will save them money.

Men – Anything for their home that they may appreciate like a new bedroom set or set of Egyptian cotton sheets and quilt, slippers and pajamas. If they are crabs who love to cook then anything for the kitchen as well as gourmet food items. Looking outside the home – special for their car or gift vouchers to their favorite car wash, new tires or a boat.

Women – As Cancerians love to save money a gift of cash is always appreciated, anything fancy for their kitchen that they don’t have already, a makeover, a romantic weekend away, flowers, chocolates and candy, a spa voucher. A nightdress, pajamas or a nice silk robe, dressing gown or bathrobe to wear at home.

Leo – Leo’s love surprises and the excitement of opening gifts so you can make the wrapping a trick or something elegant with pizzaz.

Men – A lot of Leo men love labels and something with a high brand or luxury brand. Even if you give them something small like a key ring it should be an original Ferrari accessory or their favorite brand. Bright polo shirts, something they would stand out in, an elegant and bright or stylish necktie, a pair of fancy shoes. Leos love to show off! Leos will prefer quality over quantity so whatever you can afford and make it look and feel expensive. Something gold or wrapped in gold will also work.

Women – Gold jewelry, a dress by their favorite designer, a high fashion or branded handbag or gorgeous pair of heels. Something bright and flashy can also work if it is tasteful like a hot red dress or a show stopper dress, clothing or accessories. Sunglasses that make them look like a movie star! They love art and would appreciate a nice piece to add to their collection. If they have pets with pedigrees who also like to dress up then they will absolutely adore a special gift for their pet as well.

Virgo – Virgos often like something quirky or something that will make them think or keep them busy. Virgo is the sign that rules hobbies so it is good to know what their hobbies are and cater to their hobbies.

Men – Specific books they would read, a Fitbit, anything to do with sports and exercise, a piece to add to their collection of whatever they are collecting, an item to add to their hobbies which could be anything from antiques to train sets. They probably either a couple of unusual or various hobbies to cater for so they shouldn’t be too difficult to buy for.

Women – Fitbit, yoga mat or yoga membership, quality sports or leisure wear like lulu lemon. Anything that allows them to organize their lives in a better way like a compartmental organizer for their drawers, jewelry, makeup or office.

A new work bag or briefcase will work wonders as they always want to look good at work. A themed schedule planner for 2018 or a leather-bound journal and nice pen. Books are always great but it helps to do your research with a Virgo to see what piques their interest and what are their favorite colors and authors. Electronic appliances for the kitchen or personal care like an exfoliating brush, depilation appliance, foot massager or Waterpik,

Libra – Libra tends to like things that are elegant and tasteful. They also love the pleasures of life and to having fun is a priority. Knowing your Libra’s personality will help choose for them.

Men – A nice shirt, clothing or shoes. A gift voucher to their favorite clothing store. If your Libra man likes to cook, then something special for their kitchen or home decor. Many Libra men love decorating their homes so something beautiful or a piece of art. Concert tickets would be appreciated or tickets to go to any events they may be interested in. A basket of gourmet goodies.

Women – Home decors like a beautiful vase or fine glasses. A piece of art to hang or place somewhere. They are lovers of feng shui so they may appreciate a water feature or crystal stones to place somewhere special in the home. Libra women also love lingerie and beautiful clothes. If she makes her own clothes she may love some nice fabric or something that is hard to find. A designer bag or a beautiful pair of shoes. Jewellery always works for a Libra lady!

Scorpio – Sometimes this sign is difficult to buy for as they may not have obvious desires for anything or keep their preferences hidden.

Men – Something metaphysical – a beautiful crystal but something with mystery and deep colors like black, purples or reds, a deck of tarot cards, a course in metaphysics or esoteric arts or a psychic reading. An item of clothing that depicts their style or an accessory like maybe black jeans and a dark shirt. Some Scorpios also like red but it is important to know their colors otherwise it might be better to give them cash or a gift voucher.

You might also want to get yourself lingerie to wear for him!

Women – A stylish outfit or dress in black or red. Sexy lingerie with stilettos. Anything retro or memorable. They may like a certain style that dates back in time. Angel Cards or Tarot Cards. An astrology reading. Books relating to anything mystical or secretive.

Cash would also work for Scorpio as they love to go shopping for themselves.

Sagittarius – This sign loves adventure, travel and learning about cultures and the world at large.

Men – A travel voucher or vacation package. A foreign language course. Something sporty or an accessory that would work with their sports of choice. Sports Equipment or clothing for skiing, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing or surfing – or whatever they are into. Tickets to see a stand-up comedian.

Women – Sports or Leisurewear, a ticket for a concert or sporting event. An adventure like a balloon ride, a skydive, a canoe trip, white water rafting or stand up paddleboard lesson.

Sagittarius women are very easy going and will be happy with the thought of the gift. They love to celebrate and have fun so maybe something related to comedy or humor would work.

Capricorn – Capricorns like things they can use, things that are useful and practical. They don’t like wasting money or unnecessary items for the sake of giving a gift even though they appreciate nice things of value they can use.

Men – Fragrance or cologne, any clothing that makes them look more professional for their work. A nice wallet, a nice belt, a briefcase or laptop bag. A membership to a sports club, country club, prestigious club for networking or a gala or ball ticket. If they are into golf then they would love some more golf equipment or an outfit.

Women – Anything that will make their life easier. They are usually very fussy about keeping a nice home so they would love something that can add value to their home environment. They love nice dinners and special events. A cruise or dream trip would be memorable. Jewellery is always a good choice providing it is to their liking. Anything specific that has a nice texture like cashmere, fine wool, linen, pure cotton, smooth wood, natural products, and fibers.

Aquarius – Aquarians are very quirky and see life in a different way from everyone else. They would love something unique to match their personality or something they could share with friends.

Men – Being normally into IT or electronics they would appreciate the latest gadget or a tablet or appliance. Something funny or quirky would suit the man who has everything. They often like to dress to impress and have a flair of standing out of the crowd so if choosing clothing or accessories go for something that reflects their personality. They love to keep ahead of fashion.

Membership to a social club or tennis club would also work.

Women – A new cell phone, trend-setting fashions or maybe take them shopping and they can choose what they like. A surprise party or surprise trip where a lot of their friends can join. They may love a new pet and something they can treasure for a long time. Pieces of art that supports a cause or community would also hit the spot.

Pisces – Pisces is very nostalgic and remember gifts and the past. They are also very sentimental and can treasure things for a very long time.

Men – Pisces rules liquids and oils so if they like drinking cocktails you can choose their preferred bottle or a box of wine. A membership to a wine club. Anything to do with the sea is highlighted by Pisces so a day cruise on the water somewhere, a nice meal at a seafood restaurant or a place overlooking the water. Fragrance or cologne. For clothing go for blues and greens and for shoes make them special.

Women – A piece of jewelry will be something they take to heart. A nice pair of heels. Bath oils or body oils. Special candles with essential oils. A gift box with selected organic products. A cruise vacation. Foot Massage machine. Manicure/ Pedicure Gift Voucher.

A framed photo of a loved one or with a loved one. Music vouchers with iTunes or other music downloads. Esoteric arts – for example – tarot cards, runes, crystals and also books about metaphysics and healing.

Happy Holidays Everyone and Happy Giving.

Amira Celon


2018 Horoscopes – Love, Luck and Money

2018 Horoscopes by Amira Celon

Overall 2018 should be a more positive and productive year for most signs as Jupiter has moved into the sign of Scorpio and it is no long in challenging aspects to Pluto and Uranus. I advise you to read your sun sign and also your ascendant. This is a review of where to find your luck, what to focus on and where to take action.

Aries: This year highlights intimacy, conception, mutual resources, other people’s money, inheritances, sexual affairs, deep feeling of intuition and soul searching.

Other people will be more co-operative and supportive, you may receive money through other people like banks, family members, inheritances as well as the possibility of winning money. You may receive more money now through past business partners or past marriage partners. If you have been through a long court battle you may now see a good outcome or have luck with settlements. If you need to take someone to court then this year is good year to do it.

Be careful not to get involved in too much gossip or anything secretive. Some secrets may be difficult to keep private. If you are having a secret love affair it could come out in the open.

You may rise up in society and get connections with powerful people.

For those who wish to fall pregnant you will have an easier time especially before October. If you are giving birth this year before November you should have an easy or uncomplicated childbirth. Any surgeries with the right practitioner should go very well.

Old emotional traumas will come up from the past to be healed. You can have a spiritual awakening on a deep level.

You may transform your whole life this year either psychically by doing something radically with your body or appearance or through external influences like clients, business partners and marriage partners. For example your partner may receive a lot more money this year or you may have a lot more clients. You may receive a large tax rebate or dividend that is owing to you and it may come by surprise.

Overall this is a great year for money and wellbeing with the assistance of others.

Your lucky number is 8

Taurus: This year highlights Relationships, Partnerships, Contracts, Business and Marriage.

This year you will have more opportunities in partnerships and relationships. You will have a lot of luck in partnerships and there is luck for marriage. Single Taurus can get married. Married Taurus can get divorced if the marriage is not working and they may quickly have someone else who proposes.

If you are looking for the ideal business partner or more clients you will find this year brings better quality people into your life. This year will teach you how to deal with conflict in an effective way. Any relationships that are not working will get removed or healed and transformed and you will attract more balanced relationships. You have more awareness now around all your partnerships and relationships.

This is a great year to get married as Jupiter is giving you luck so if you have been waiting then this is the time. There will be more opportunities to join people for projects and mutually beneficial work agreements. You will become more popular this year and increase your audience or popularity. You may have more contact with foreign people and travel more. Money will be abundant through partnerships.

Overall you will have luck through serious partnerships.

Your lucky number is 7

Gemini: This year highlights health, healthy habits, fitness, diet and work.

You will feel like you have a handle on any health situation this year. You may transform your diet and exercise regime and day to day habits and routines.

There is a lot of luck now to find the right job or many different jobs. You may juggle a few jobs or choose between a few great job offers. You will feel more organised and use your time more wisely. You may study something relating to wellness and wellbeing and become an authority on the subject.

It is a year where you will be very busy with work either change jobs or get head hunted by a company that will offer you a better position.

Something to watch out for is jealousy with co-workers and be careful before signing any contracts. There can be hidden competition that you will become aware of.

You will feel like you want to re-organise your whole life, clean out any clutter, keep things simple and efficient, do a detox cleanse and remove anything that is no longer serving you like unwanted objects and things. By doing this you will feel lighter. You will feel more empathetic towards people who have problems.

It is a good year for getting a new pet or helping animals in some way.

Your reputation and bank balance will improve by the end of the year. You will have luck with loans, mortgages and refinancing.

Overall this will be a very busy year and a productive year where you will have more responsibility in work and more opportunities for your career and money.

Your lucky number is 6

Cancer: This year highlights love, dating, children, creative projects, passion and fun.

You will feel more social and have luck in meeting a soul mate or having a baby this year. Your creative talents will flourish so it is very important to focus on your creativity and whatever you are passionate about.

You might create a baby or a new project. This is a highly romantic year which will be very healing for you especially if you haven’t experienced anything romantic for a long time. You will be invited on more dates and parties which will be a great way in which you will meet someone and fall in love. You will heal through anything you create and it will ignite new passions. This is also a very sexual year where you will feel more attractive and attract new lovers.

This is a great time to launch a new business or hobby business that you feel passionate about. It will reap money and rewards that you could imagine.

If you are working in front of an audience you will have more luck getting artistic jobs or bookings or finding the best agent to represent you. Your creative talents will shine and with that you will have more followers and success.

Overall this is a great year to meet your soul mate and fall in love.

Your lucky number is 5

Leo: This year highlights home, property, family, settling and emotional happiness.

This year you will spend a lot of time with your family and relatives. You may expand the members of your family either through marriage or the birth of children. You may feel the need to move into a bigger house and this is a good year to invest in property or find the ideal living situation. You may be doing expansions in the home or beautifying it in remarkable way. You may plant a garden or renovate a garage or basement into a family room or special space to create music or play games.

There is healing with the past and anything related through the family. This year will give you a feeling of emotional contentment and feeling of being healed and feel stable and balanced. Many will feel like a new person on the inner side.

You can gain money through real estate, properties, caring or being a carer for someone who needs nurturing. You may be working with families and gardens, automobiles, antiques and collectibles.


Overall you will have a stronger sense of self and a clearer plan for your future. You will decide to move if you are not happy with your current place of residence and where you move to will be more fortunate.

Your Lucky Number is 4

Virgo: This year highlights documents, papers, education, learning new skills, communications, travel, contacts, business and marketing activities.

This is a very active year where you will be travelling around more, juggling more work and skills. It is a good year to launch any business and get better results from online platforms and the media. There will be more contacts and people following you and more agreements and contracts.

You may get an opportunity for immigration or filing a residency application.

You will have more commercial and business activities. You may have to write more whether it is for study, work or your business.

If you work in PR, Marketing, Self Employed, Teaching, Training or running Small Business you will have a great opportunity this year and momentum of reaching a wider audience. Your communication skills will improve and you will receive more offers through the mail, email and phone.

Your skills will improve dramatically and will help you promote yourself and gain a lot of wealth through what you do in the world moving forward. This has a 12 year influence so whatever seeds you plant this year will keep paying off for a long time.

This is the best time to use social media or launch a new website or profile to show off your talents.

There can be healing through or from your childhood and siblings. You may spend more time with your siblings or neighbours this year.

Any forms of writing and publications will pay off this year.

Overall is it is very social year.

Lucky number is  3

Libra: This year highlights money, resources, investments, finances, possessions and self worth.

The skills you have learnt in the last year will be put to the test and put into practise. You will be relieved of any heavy responsibilities or be able to share these with a partner.

You will benefit financial gain this year as all your hard work and learning from the past year will start to pay off. You may receive more money through work and resources especially if you are renting a space in your home or have a property to rent. You can receive a pay-rise or promotion.

Your self esteem will have a boost. You will make money through other people who invest in you. You may be starting a new business which will be more lucrative by the end of 2018.

Things to watch out for is to use your wisdom and the lessons you have learnt to make wise decisions and investments. This is a time to break out of old patterns and make better and wiser decisions. The past year has taught you many lessons which now need to be put into practise.

Having more money may give you a feeling to spend more so just be careful not to spend on things that are not important. This is a year to consolidate your finances.

Health wise you should feel great.

You may be very effective this year is you start manifesting great things into your life through the power of positive thinking and creative visualisation.

Overall you may come across a lucky break in many areas in your financial life. There can be miracles and success through thinking very big!

Lucky Number is 2

Scorpio: This year highlights opportunities for more abundance, study, travel, growth and happiness. With Jupiter in your sign for most of 2018 it will giving you so much luck and positivity.

Big transformations are in store in your life, a new career, a new job, a new love, a new sense of vigour and energy. You will have better relationships with men whether you are male or female. There will be deep healing of any inner traumas or feelings which will create a new beginning. A lot of the past will be let go leading you to a new dynamic path you will want to take with optimism. You will have more forgiveness with anyone who has slighted you or hurt you.

This year you will have a spiritual awakening which will propel you to a new level of consciousness. You will feel like a door has opened or the veil has lifted. You will feel more intuitive and psychic which will reveal mysteries of life to you which will help you explore the depths of the soul. There will be more revelations of why things are happening to you making you more generous, forgiving and empathetic. You will have more patience with people who normally bother you.

Be careful not to take this year for granted and make the most of it.

With the benefits of Jupiter you will have opportunities to gain more wealth and money and new love or a creative project you will feel you need to get going very quickly.

This is a year where you are more likely to fall pregnant or father a child. Watch out if you won’t want to gain weight and this transit can be very expansive also in the body.

Overall you will have more self confidence and feeling of self worth.

Your Lucky Number is 1

Sagittarius: This year highlights matters of spirituality, foreign travel, letting go, removing unnecessary things from your life.

Healing from the past will come up for 2018 where you may go over past ground and release anything that no longer serves you or put memories to rest. Any grief and losses will be put into perspective and finally you will feel peace about certain subjects that you have been carrying.

Anything you are hiding or being secretive about will come to light in a good way. You may have some amazing realisations around any sort of obsession or compulsion.

Luck will be gained through overseas travel and connections with foreign people and cultures. Some of you may decide to move somewhere very remote, exotic or culturally different. This is a great year for creating art or going on a sabbatical trip that may include a spiritual pilgrimage, spiritual retreat or study. Extended visits to foreign countries are highlighted. You may fall in love with someone who is from a different country.

Some of you will explore the family tree and find people who you were not aware of which will be a nice surprise.

Be careful not to overindulge in any addictive substances or behaviours.


This is a great year to cleanse and release what you are no longer needing which may take shape through a downsize in your home and letting go of belongings. Animal conservation and helping the less fortunate will be on your mind and you may be actively involved with charity organisations.

Your dreams may be very vivid and they will give you major insights. This year will be the biggest for you regarding spiritual growth.

For creative pursuits like fashion, film and music you will get the best ideas this year that will be put into action.

Overall this is a year for rest and rejuvenation and you will feel great in mind, body and soul.

Your lucky number is 12

Capricorn: This year highlights material gains, achieving long term goals, creating networks and new friendships.

This year will be the best for networking and socialising. You will make more friends and associates through work or your personal life. You may become involved in groups and these groups will assist you in becoming more financially or professionally successful. This is a great year of being in the right place at the right time. You will connect with people who are powerful and influential and you will be gain a lot through these connections. It could be through clubs, groups or associations. Take action to make contacts and explore new groups and clubs as you will see the results over time.

You may meet a life partner through a group, club or network of friends for business or marriage.

You will see some of your wishes coming true and you will be more popular.

If you are working in IT or Television you will have a lot of success and may be head hunted for your talents.

Be careful not to get involved the wrong people or people with a corrupt past as they could pull you down.

You could win money or win some special deals or contracts in your work or business. You may get a title or award for something you have done in your past that is being recognised.

Overall your goals will be realised and give you many rewards both financially and personally.  A very lucky year to make the most of your connections.

Your lucky number is 11

Aquarius: This year highlights Social prestige, reputation, career, institutions and structure.

Many of you will get a promotion, pay rise or better career move. You could be pushed into the public eye or become a boss of something or leader where you are asked to speak.

Your reputation will be very strong and give you a solid platform to show your talents. You will be more supported by people in authority as well as father figures. The relationship with a father or father figure will improve this year and you will spend more time together or in contact. They could be a helpful mentor.

You may have more responsibility because you have climbed up the ladder and are now in a position that is more important.

You can get a lucky break in some area of your life that will benefit your life path overall, beyond 2018. You could attract a person who helps you be more successful and to achieve your goals.

Your friends will see you as a leader and organiser of events and social circles. They look up to you for advice and it will be hard to ruin your reputation this year.

You could get a contract you have been waiting for or an agreement through a government body or educational institution. You can be granted immigration which will take you up in the world to a new country.

If you are in the public eye and are influencer you will gain many more followers and your reputation will soar to new heights.

You can ask favours from people in power now.

For single Aquarians you can meet someone through your work or school for  a love relationship.

Overall this is the year to push your power and go to the highest level possible.

Your lucky number is 10

Pisces: This year highlights foreign travel, higher education, higher knowledge, luck and positivity, new horizons, new teachers and inspirational figures in life.

You will feel more motivated and inspired and energetic this year. You will feel like your goals and visions can be manifested into your life. You will feel more hopeful and positive about the future and your life in general. Your point of view and beliefs will be changing leading to a rebirth of your whole mind, spirit and life. There is deep healing through listening to new teachers, gurus and reading inspirational books that you may not have explored before.

This is a time where you can start teaching your skills or learn new skills. You may be a mentor for someone or be influenced by an inspirational person. Higher learning and education will be very smooth and lucky this year.

Some of you will reap rewards through travelling to foreign countries. If you are taking a year or semester to study abroad this is the year to do is as you will get more out of it than you imagined.

You will find it easier to learn a new language and get a visa or immigration status approved. You may marry someone who has a different nationality or fall in love while you are travelling.

There will be a lot of deja vu messages coming through your subconscious mind. You will be able to see things a lot clearer this year and feel guided to make the right decisions. You will feel more in tune and psychic this year. Some of you may start learning the tarot or studying astrology or teaching esoteric arts.

Overall this is a super lucky year where you need to follow your intuition and clear thinking to guide you to open the right doors.

Your lucky number is 9


Healing Domestic Violence with Love

Healing Domestic Violence with Love
By – Marilyn Redmond

Making the decision not to volunteer to be a victim again, made the difference. I realized that my neediness was my problem. I was given the answers to life; it is no longer a mystery. The lesson is to open my heart sending love to all my challenges and that love can return. It is simply a matter of learning what works in your life and how to rearrange it so it works even better.

Most people watch the news reports and hear about domestic violence from a one-time incident such as the famous O.J. Simpson episode. My story begins as a child raised in domestic violence. My paranoid schizophrenic mother married my alcoholic father during the Great Depression. For her, financial security meant safety from abuse, abandonment, and economic concerns.

Healing“I’ll teach you a lesson!” My father yelled. My door is always shut at bedtime. I hate these fights. This time, I was terrified watching my father beat my mother. I want to be off the face of the earth, I prayed. I became the all-time victim from thinking, Dad will be in here to hurt me next. I tightened my muscles and nerves to become smaller and completely crawled under the sheet. I had become a turtle that night emotionally, to protect myself. Habitually, I stayed inside my shell as protection, as a three-year-old.

A deep scar remained in my soul from seeing this episode not just hearing it. My childish instincts tried to defend me. Immediately, I created protection from physical harm. This was sort of a blessing when two years later I was victimized by my soon-to-be-brother in law. In addition, my ballet lessons had tightened my muscles through practicing for classes. Together my tight muscles became Fibromyalgia from more years of nervous tension. Usually, I stayed inside my shell.

My next major impact was mother’s remarrying. My stepdad’s 24/7 attacks emoting emotional incest lasted until his death in old age. He was like a vampire in my life sucking my soul and personality. I married someone with the same attitudes because they were familiar.

Music had become my escape from the abuse and insanity throughout my life. I met my husband in the college music department. We were in many classes together learning to teach music in the schools. After a session of practicing our instruments, we began conversations in the practice rooms. He even asked my opinion.

We became engaged in our senior year. In the fifties, society cruelly judged unwed mothers. I was filled with shame; he married me to save me. In the first six months of our marriage, he strangled and raped me. I learned never to say “No” again. My battering and abusive marriage of rape lasted thirty years.

The next few years went smoothly as we were both teaching and enjoying our family. We decided to build a home. I saw no reason for a single party line and paying more. I had grown up with an eight-party line, then a four-party line and lastly a double party line. I liked the idea of the two-party line and not listening to others on the same phone line. Because I had no self-esteem or life skills to speak up, I found myself on the kitchen floor with him sitting on me insisting on a single phone line, beating my head on the floor until I agreed.

My life was unmanageable. He tried to kill me several times, and I tried suicide several times to escape from the marriage. Each time my angels saved me. I carried the responsibility for his emotional outbursts. It was not safe to be myself. Finally, I saw that I had learned from my mother to be the victim.

Over time, our son seemed to bring up his anger. Nothing he did was right as far as my husband thought. Today, as a counselor, I can identify the family roles each member plays in the dysfunctional family, passive-aggressive game. This clarifies the dynamics of each person’s behavior, emotional state, and mental basis for their actions.

What did I learn about domestic violence through my experience? First, I learned how to stop the hostilities. The short story as he cornered me in my son’s small room. His rage was out of control. Time stopped while angels held him as if he were a statue that stopped his advancing towards me. A silent voice inside told me to pray for him, “God forgive him for he knows not what he does”. At the height of this battle, I stopped the game by sending love, which was praying for him. I came to understand that when you send love, there is nothing to attack. He never touched me again. “Safety is the complete relinquishment of attack.” A Course in Miracles, T.92.

More solution came by addressing my physical, mental, emotional, and spirituality. I found that my physical abuse is an extension of mental and emotional abuse at a soul level. I was co-dependent propelling my life down the tubes. I needed to forgive myself and outgrow my past hardships to find my own self-esteem. By identifying and releasing the negative fear, thoughts, and behaviors individually, I was able to replace those past emotions with love, grace, and later with forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion.

In addition, I stopped putting myself in places to be hurt. My plan was to replace my fear with love; we are all in one loving spirit. Love never fails. After my divorce, healing my twice broken tailbone began my healthy new life. I cannot change another; my focus changed from my husband to taking care of myself. Then, I found that mentally I had to substitute positive thinking for negative thinking. I could change my life by altering my thoughts and beliefs. Over time, I discovered that beliefs come from my head and I gave up all my beliefs to move into my new heart-based life.

Consequently, I would now rely on my inner guidance for my answers today. I was praying for his health, well-being, and prosperity, which relieved my anger. In addition, there were three other past lives, we had in domestic violence. There was a deeper basis for my miserable life to heal.

However, to let go of them and move beyond into the loving life I had always dreamed took an honest inner house cleaning. I was becoming responsible for my life. However, I knew from spiritual groups and recovery programs that when the spiritual malady was resolved my mental and physical problems would fall into place.

As I released my ego-driven life of survival, I happily realized that I was returning to my Christed spirit releasing my human faults. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17.” In my life today, I am emotionally available, can trust, and communicate in honesty. My 16-year relationship of unconditional love is pleasant, caring, and kind.

As an international psychic/medium for readings/channelings, speaker, international award-winning writer, international author, international consultant, international columnist, international board certified regression therapist, artist, and ordained minister for spiritual counseling, Books at


Doreen Virtue and her Divination Decks: How do I use them and should I Repent?

Author – Anastasia (Amira’s Psychic Team)

Doreen Virtue and her Divination Decks: How do I use them and should I Repent?

Photo Credits – Hay House

Sadly, but it’s true. The new age community has lost its guru. Doreen Virtue has left all those who have been buying her oracle card decks for many years so far, taking her online and live courses and who week by week, day by day was watching her Weekly oracle cards’ videos. Since then, when she announced her decision to move on without the diversity of deities and masters by her side, except for Jesus, her Instagram does not look like before: instead of the colorful, beautiful artwork of all styles and designs, that I personally so much enjoyed seeing as it brightened my day along with the inspiring messages, now it shows only cards and messages from only one deck—with sayings ascribed to Jesus.

H-mm…It feels…strange. I mean, yeah, all of us should listen to our inner guidance and choose to follow our spiritual journey the way we see it, no problem with that. What I have a problem with though is how from a perspective of inclusion, suddenly, Doreen could convert herself to the community based on exclusion.

One of my favorite sayings of all times that I heard in a movie Chocolate, speaks about that. It was a scene of an Easter service when the local priest says this:

“I’m not sure what the theme of my homily today ought to be. Do I want to speak of the miracle of Our Lord’s divine transformation? Not really, no. I don’t want to talk about His divinity. I’d rather talk about His humanity. I mean, you know, how He lived His life, here on Earth. His kindness, His tolerance… Listen, here’s what I think. I think that we can’t go around measuring our goodness by what we don’t do. By what we deny ourselves, what we resist, and who we exclude. I think… we’ve got to measure goodness by what we embrace, what we create, and who we include.”

Photo Credits – Doreen Virtue

But so much about Doreen’s choice. As a psychic medium, I see there a lot of external influence and pressure from her close circles to make that choice and some other very personal reasons. The energy is quite heavy there despite her stories of true enlightenment. One of the first visions that I got on hearing this news, was to see Doreen sitting on a ranch, under a tree, and eating something like a pudding with a silver spoon. All looks well except for one thing. She was blindfold. It felt bad…

Anyway, I am not writing this to judge. I am very grateful to her for all the effort she put into creating the most wonderful things that are so helpful in the spiritual work that I am doing now. Her oracle card decks. For this, I am and will be always very grateful to Doreen Virtue. I took a couple of her online courses and bought a lot of her decks. Lots of them. And I love them. No, you didn’t get it. I LOVE them. They are amazing tools to connect to the higher energies and find so much guidance in so many spheres of life. They are just amazing.

(Interestingly though, the only deck that I wanted to return to Amazon, was an Ascended masters deck— exactly the one she suggested to discard along with the book on the same topic. I did not like it because I felt back then (a year ago) that I could not possibly connect to the masters that I had no clue about, such as Aengus, for example, or Hina, (I hope they will forgive me, these masters, that I knew nothing about them). I mostly was using Angel oracle cards decks, because I knew that these beings of Love and Light talked to me not only through cards but also by sending me signs all the time. How could I turn to the masters whose names were news to me?

But then something stopped me from returning this deck and I wanted to give it a try. And next time I used them, I felt a connection with my questions and by some sheer luck or magic, I usually would pull out cards that spoke to my beliefs. I often got Jesus, Mother Mary, Archangel Michael, Isis, Lakshmi. I seldom get Lady Nada or Babaji. I have noticed long ago that our beliefs and intentions to see and hear what we know attract the same. Or the cards were just playing in my hand not to be returned to Amazon…So I did not return them. But it was kind of funny to hear that it is this deck and that book was “condemned” by Doreen’s church and herself. So, there must be some kind of heresy about them…)

OK, back to the question in the title of this blog: Should I throw her decks away? Should I repent for using them? Should I convert to what Doreen now believes in?

You know, it’s so funny to see how people are seriously discussing this. Although I understand their concerns, I am wondering how soon people can change their minds, like a flock of sheep — only because their shepherd had decided to retire. Phenomenally, in her many messages and appeals to her readers and students of her courses, Doreen has taught you guys quite the opposite—to believe in yourself.

To believe in your mission that is so needed for the world. To celebrate who you are the way you are. Without looking at somebody else.
Read her books again. Watch her archived videos. It’s all about that—acknowledging who you are—a loved child of God who has a special gift of love and light, as anybody else. Who has a power of manifestation and power of making a difference once you share your inner vision with others and support them in their spiritual journey?

My answer to these questions is – for God’s sake, of course not. Not only I am not throwing her cards or stop reading her books, I am planning to buy a few more of her decks before they will be discontinued.

I am always doing multi-deck readings because I like to see the recurrent themes across the decks, and I always use the decks of cards that I am guided too depending on the person who is asking a question and her question, therefore, for some of you I will be using The Romance angels’ cards along with the Healing with Archangel Raphael cards, or, say Angel Therapy Oracle cards with the Magical Messages from the Fairies cards. They are all very functional and informative on the spot. The artwork and the messages are very beautiful and meaningful. They are enjoyable, inspiring and very helpful at times of need or leisure. Why tell me, why should I throw them away? Only because someone told Doreen that magicians and fortune-tellers are not approved by the Bible? Didn’t she know these lines from before?

Look at the images on Doreen’s cards. How empowering they are, how lovingly patient with all our needs. There is nothing against God or anybody else in them. I’m sure Jesus will like them too. (So, it’s OK, Doreen?)

Therefore, dear readers, please be not fearful of using Doreen’s cards whatsoever (remember—one of the main energies of blocking any success or love from your life is becoming too fearful about life—as Doreen also says), so don’t fret and turn your inner ear ( or third eye—what works best!)to the true messages of love that all of them—Jesus and the Angels, Archangels and the fairies’, mermaids and spiritual masters, all God’s beings are ready to share with you by sending you the energy of love, because we all are love and light, you just need to believe in that and never be afraid of talking to them as soon as the message IS of love and support.

To encourage you in your search for communication with your spiritual team, I am offering a 15-20-minute free bonus video reading using Doreen’s cards along with Amira’s and Coleen Baron-Reid’s decks if you book any of my regular price reading during the last weeks of September.


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Finding Harmony Through Amends

Author – Marilyn Redmond

Finding Harmony

Image Credits – bodyharmonypt

My vocabulary has grown since I began my spiritual journey. The longer I am on this path, new words occur for my growing vocabulary. Over the years I find a new understanding of words. Their deeper meaning provides a way of life that was new to me, 32 years ago. Amends was a new word to me. I was trying so hard to be perfect; I did not understand the significance and wisdom behind this action.

My first amends was to my mother right out of treatment. I told my counselor the story and he said I was not responsible for her feelings. I had always gone around saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I am alive.” This was to calm the waters around me and I became the sacrificial lamb in the family. I found out I did not need to make amends to her for this particular situation. I then found out it is a good idea to check this idea of amends with my counselor to see if it is appropriate.

Then, I made an amends to a fellow worker for talking a chart off her desk, as I as too lazy to make my own. At the time she discovered what I had done, she was furious. However, she was most pleasant about it when I made my amends. She told me that it takes a big person to apologize. I was only trying to get rid of my anxiety and guilt because I worked with her every day. I did not see my action as anything more than wanting to find my inner peace and serenity.
I made an amends to my daughter for leaving her and her brother alone in a motel at Disneyland while her dad and I went drinking. This had been tearing me apart for years, emotionally. Surprisingly, I found out she was not upset at her abandonment without a dinner. She understood, she told me. She knew what would happen if I had not gone with him. She was upset about an entirely different incident, of which I never knew was a problem to her.

Image Credits – earth lore

I heard in a meeting about forgiving yourself. That was not something I had heard about before. I thought about this, over time. Now, I understand that forgiveness is about leaving the past in the past, so I can live in the day, one day at a time. Amends change my energy into harmony when I let it go. Most people have accepted my amends graciously.
As I have forgiven myself, I do not have to beat myself up for not being perfect. Now, I understand where and when I need to make right with another person for my actions that harm them. It may be restitution, reimbursement, or acknowledging I was wrong.

Recently, I was very tired from overdoing when walking and climbing stars that day on a tour, because of my arthritis. In a conversation with my fellow that evening about dinner plans for the next evening, I got angry. I vented well because it could have been a short talk and he kept making it more complicated. I let him get the blunt of my tiredness from being exhausted and in pain. In a few minutes after hanging up on him, I called back and told him that I realized how dog-tired I was and that I was sorry I had had gotten so angry from overdoing it on the excursion. Today, I recognize it sooner, take responsibility for it faster, and move on.

This changes my energy into harmony and releases it into the past. I do not have to carry that with me anymore. I can be free of that weight and be liberated to enjoy my life. Amends allows me to give up the wrongs and enjoy the presence of God today.

Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT is a Holistic Health Counselor, consultant, medium/psychic, and speaker. She is also an award-winning international writer, author, syndicated columnist, consultant, regressions counselor, and teacher. She writes a column for “The Sussex Newspaper” and shares the dynamics of life through her own experience. Marilyn is an ordained minister for spiritual counseling, soul healing, and does Past Life Regressions. Enjoy her latest books, “Road to Success” and “Paradigm Busters, Reveal the Real You”, and other books that are available on They are inspirational and helpful.


Oracle Cards’ Readings: Predictions or Prescriptions?

by: Anastasia

Oracle Cards’ Readings: Predictions or Prescriptions?

Oracle Cards

The eternal question of all times that we humans ask is what the future has in store for us? This question has been asked again and again by the Pharaohs of Egypt and Emperors of Rome, by the young and the old, women and men, the rich and the poor.

“Will I get what I want?” “

“Who will I meet?”

“Will he marry me?”

“What job will I find and when?”

And so on and so forth. These endless, restless Will? When? How? Who? and Why? …

Why are we so obsessed with wishing to know what is waiting for us over there, around the corner? Why do we worry about something we do not know yet and often times cannot even imagine?

Truly, living in a physical body requires a lot of strength and patience. We are as uncertain about our future as we are fragile in the present, perhaps having had the bad experience of being too vulnerable in the past.

The answer is obvious— we worry because the unknown future totally controls our life. The events yet to be unfolded have such a powerful grip on us, that we turn to divination to let that grip go and breathe in the fresh air of at least some envisioned power over the forthcoming events of our life. We have the right to feel a bit stronger, don’t we? A bit more certain, more prepared for the unexpected…The card reading for us works as a soft pillow that we can prepare in advance to land on in case we fall when we make a leap forward, into the unknown, so threatening future…

…I started reading cards when I was 11. It was a deck of 36 ordinary playing cards with four suits: diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. I was in a summer camp and after playing a game, one of the girls decided to make a spread for a reading using the same cards. For fun. She said to one of us that that girl would marry a handsome guy and have two children, a boy and a girl. We laughed. It sounded so promising!

“How do you know?”, I asked her.

“Oh, in divination, each card has the meaning. You just learn them and learn about the future. Look, the seven of spades means tears, the ten of diamonds – money, the page of hearts—love interest.”

But nobody was yet listening to her. Everybody ran outside to play the ball. The fortune-teller girl threw the deck of cards on her bed and ran away too.

The cards made a wide fan of images, signs, symbols and numbers.

Oracle Cards' ReadingsI stayed. I was looking at the cards in some strange mesmerizing awe, in a daze, as if I have never seen them before. It felt like someone was opening a memory box for me, a box that has been closed and hidden from me in a secret place for hundreds of years until the right time came to open it. It felt as if that time had come. I was looking at all those kings and queens, pages and knights, and it seemed that they smiled and winked at me.

“Come on”, they said, “you know us from before. Don’t fret, we will help you to recall what each of us means, and you will tell them the truth”.

It was scary and yet so fascinating…It was like coming home after a long-long journey of walking in the dark, being blindfold. But on that summer day, quite suddenly, somebody took the blindfold off my eyes. I understood that I could see what the cards were trying to tell me. I literally “heard” them, their voices chatter in my head, as I could hear my friends the minute before they left. It felt like an intricately concocted game of the invisible forces playing with me and who for some reason decided to break their silence and start that ever-fascinating dialogue—whispering their truths, insights, hints or …their tricks?

Since then I have been using cards to “read the future”. I used different decks and different spreads, I read a lot of this stuff in the numerous books, and I asked numerous people who read the cards about what they knew.

But the more I worked through the symbols and decks, the more I concluded that despite I could talk to the cards, and often hear the names, envision the events, and tell the stories yet to come into someone’s life, the future, the way most of us understand it, does not exist…and for a very simple reason—it is we who create it. Nobody else. We do so by negotiating our intentions, desires, aspirations, and strong emotions. Or I’d rather say we co-create it, our future. With the Divine. And this is most fascinating! This is what cards tell us—not about a cut in stone, fatalistic, cloudy, hardly visible and unchangeable, so threatening “future”. But about that landscape, the scenario that we are thinking about in our mind that may or may not become a reality. And exactly how our intentions and ideas about it might change, so might the future.

Once I heard Colette Baron-Reid’s (whose deck I am also using for readings along with Amira’s and Doreen Virtue decks) say: “my readings are prescriptive, not predictive” and I cannot but agree with her. Perhaps, the word “prescription” sounds too didactic and bossy, yet the main stance is obvious.

We can see the symbols of the cards and feel the energies that they open for our intuitive vision while reading a question, but the most important thing for both sides of this process; for the readers and the querents, is to trust the Divine and listen to the advice on how to use these energies for our highest good, rather than waiting for an answer:

“Will I get married soon? Will he love me? Will he never betray me?”

Instead, the cards are telling us: “If you want to get married soon, you should ask yourself what exactly you expect from marriage…” and they give you the symbols as advice to follow.

“If you want him to love you, begin with loving yourself and boosting up your own attractiveness and positivity and he will be attracted to you too because inner happiness and joy coming from within is infectious and never failing to draw in the same…”

“If you want him never to betray you, are you ready to be there for him at times of joy and sorrow, are you ready to never betray him too?”

For me this way of reading cards, my dear friends, is the best use of my gift of talking to cards and feeling the energies that are being so generously given to all of us by the Divine for our highest good.
Is it NOT more fascinating to decipher the language of the Divine and on decoding it, follow the most precious advice than just expect predictions that may never come true?

Come on, my dear friends, don’t fret, join me in this beautiful, always such a fascinating dialogue with the forces that are way larger than us, those that are constantly creating the worlds and galaxies, that are so lavishly pouring upon us the rays of sunlight and the colors of ever changeable skies. Let’s not forget what magic we are. You know, we can co-create our future. Trust me! Cards just help us to half-open the door to the Universe’s creative workshop.

AnastasiaLet’s become its apprentices then, its helpers. In a word, get your brushes ready to paint your future…

Lovingly yours,