For extra insights, it is recommended to look at a person’s rising sign (ascendant) and also moon sign as well as their Sun sign to get a total overview and more gift ideas.

Aries – Aries love action and adventure and anything of quality. They are often minimalistic and don’t like collecting too many items of the same thing.

Men – A nice wallet, a nice belt, a sports bag or sporting equipment, sports clothes, jet ski, bicycle, paddle board, canoe, kayak.

Women – Sports Equipment, top of the line sneakers, sports clothing, gift vouchers for their hair stylist or beauty salon, red or black lingerie, a vacation, an expensive handbag.

Taurus – Taurus loves the sensual pleasures of life and beautiful things.

Men – Fragrance or Cologne, A cashmere sweater, specialty items of gourmet food, a gift voucher to their favorite restaurant or a high-end restaurant, selected wine or champagne, a membership to a wine club, a romantic weekend away.

Women – Perfume, their favorite cosmetics/skin care or something special that they couldn’t afford to buy for themselves, an item of clothing or jewelry to compliment their wardrobe, a selection of lingerie or sets of underwear that they would wear, a romantic weekend away, a massage or spa package. Please note, if a Taurus woman doesn’t like a gift they will try to return it or replace it so items of clothing and jewelry should be well researched.

Gemini – Gemini loves things that make them think or something to stimulate their mind.

Men – A good book or novel, a gadget, anything electronic from a laptop to a new mobile phone, games they can play either alone or with friends like a chess set or board game as well as Xbox or the latest online and video games.

Women – A mobile phone, a travel voucher, books or a membership for audible, a gym membership, a personally written card with money inside or gift cards as Geminis love a personal touch of sentiment and often treasure handwritten cards, a day tour or something they would love to experience like concert tickets or entry to a theme park.

Cancer – Cancer loves things that are homely and cozy or something that will save them money.

Men – Anything for their home that they may appreciate like a new bedroom set or set of Egyptian cotton sheets and quilt, slippers and pajamas. If they are crabs who love to cook then anything for the kitchen as well as gourmet food items. Looking outside the home – special for their car or gift vouchers to their favorite car wash, new tires or a boat.

Women – As Cancerians love to save money a gift of cash is always appreciated, anything fancy for their kitchen that they don’t have already, a makeover, a romantic weekend away, flowers, chocolates and candy, a spa voucher. A nightdress, pajamas or a nice silk robe, dressing gown or bathrobe to wear at home.

Leo – Leo’s love surprises and the excitement of opening gifts so you can make the wrapping a trick or something elegant with pizzaz.

Men – A lot of Leo men love labels and something with a high brand or luxury brand. Even if you give them something small like a key ring it should be an original Ferrari accessory or their favorite brand. Bright polo shirts, something they would stand out in, an elegant and bright or stylish necktie, a pair of fancy shoes. Leos love to show off! Leos will prefer quality over quantity so whatever you can afford and make it look and feel expensive. Something gold or wrapped in gold will also work.

Women – Gold jewelry, a dress by their favorite designer, a high fashion or branded handbag or gorgeous pair of heels. Something bright and flashy can also work if it is tasteful like a hot red dress or a show stopper dress, clothing or accessories. Sunglasses that make them look like a movie star! They love art and would appreciate a nice piece to add to their collection. If they have pets with pedigrees who also like to dress up then they will absolutely adore a special gift for their pet as well.

Virgo – Virgos often like something quirky or something that will make them think or keep them busy. Virgo is the sign that rules hobbies so it is good to know what their hobbies are and cater to their hobbies.

Men – Specific books they would read, a Fitbit, anything to do with sports and exercise, a piece to add to their collection of whatever they are collecting, an item to add to their hobbies which could be anything from antiques to train sets. They probably either a couple of unusual or various hobbies to cater for so they shouldn’t be too difficult to buy for.

Women – Fitbit, yoga mat or yoga membership, quality sports or leisure wear like lulu lemon. Anything that allows them to organize their lives in a better way like a compartmental organizer for their drawers, jewelry, makeup or office.

A new work bag or briefcase will work wonders as they always want to look good at work. A themed schedule planner for 2018 or a leather-bound journal and nice pen. Books are always great but it helps to do your research with a Virgo to see what piques their interest and what are their favorite colors and authors. Electronic appliances for the kitchen or personal care like an exfoliating brush, depilation appliance, foot massager or Waterpik,

Libra – Libra tends to like things that are elegant and tasteful. They also love the pleasures of life and to having fun is a priority. Knowing your Libra’s personality will help choose for them.

Men – A nice shirt, clothing or shoes. A gift voucher to their favorite clothing store. If your Libra man likes to cook, then something special for their kitchen or home decor. Many Libra men love decorating their homes so something beautiful or a piece of art. Concert tickets would be appreciated or tickets to go to any events they may be interested in. A basket of gourmet goodies.

Women – Home decors like a beautiful vase or fine glasses. A piece of art to hang or place somewhere. They are lovers of feng shui so they may appreciate a water feature or crystal stones to place somewhere special in the home. Libra women also love lingerie and beautiful clothes. If she makes her own clothes she may love some nice fabric or something that is hard to find. A designer bag or a beautiful pair of shoes. Jewellery always works for a Libra lady!

Scorpio – Sometimes this sign is difficult to buy for as they may not have obvious desires for anything or keep their preferences hidden.

Men – Something metaphysical – a beautiful crystal but something with mystery and deep colors like black, purples or reds, a deck of tarot cards, a course in metaphysics or esoteric arts or a psychic reading. An item of clothing that depicts their style or an accessory like maybe black jeans and a dark shirt. Some Scorpios also like red but it is important to know their colors otherwise it might be better to give them cash or a gift voucher.

You might also want to get yourself lingerie to wear for him!

Women – A stylish outfit or dress in black or red. Sexy lingerie with stilettos. Anything retro or memorable. They may like a certain style that dates back in time. Angel Cards or Tarot Cards. An astrology reading. Books relating to anything mystical or secretive.

Cash would also work for Scorpio as they love to go shopping for themselves.

Sagittarius – This sign loves adventure, travel and learning about cultures and the world at large.

Men – A travel voucher or vacation package. A foreign language course. Something sporty or an accessory that would work with their sports of choice. Sports Equipment or clothing for skiing, cycling, hiking, mountain climbing or surfing – or whatever they are into. Tickets to see a stand-up comedian.

Women – Sports or Leisurewear, a ticket for a concert or sporting event. An adventure like a balloon ride, a skydive, a canoe trip, white water rafting or stand up paddleboard lesson.

Sagittarius women are very easy going and will be happy with the thought of the gift. They love to celebrate and have fun so maybe something related to comedy or humor would work.

Capricorn – Capricorns like things they can use, things that are useful and practical. They don’t like wasting money or unnecessary items for the sake of giving a gift even though they appreciate nice things of value they can use.

Men – Fragrance or cologne, any clothing that makes them look more professional for their work. A nice wallet, a nice belt, a briefcase or laptop bag. A membership to a sports club, country club, prestigious club for networking or a gala or ball ticket. If they are into golf then they would love some more golf equipment or an outfit.

Women – Anything that will make their life easier. They are usually very fussy about keeping a nice home so they would love something that can add value to their home environment. They love nice dinners and special events. A cruise or dream trip would be memorable. Jewellery is always a good choice providing it is to their liking. Anything specific that has a nice texture like cashmere, fine wool, linen, pure cotton, smooth wood, natural products, and fibers.

Aquarius – Aquarians are very quirky and see life in a different way from everyone else. They would love something unique to match their personality or something they could share with friends.

Men – Being normally into IT or electronics they would appreciate the latest gadget or a tablet or appliance. Something funny or quirky would suit the man who has everything. They often like to dress to impress and have a flair of standing out of the crowd so if choosing clothing or accessories go for something that reflects their personality. They love to keep ahead of fashion.

Membership to a social club or tennis club would also work.

Women – A new cell phone, trend-setting fashions or maybe take them shopping and they can choose what they like. A surprise party or surprise trip where a lot of their friends can join. They may love a new pet and something they can treasure for a long time. Pieces of art that supports a cause or community would also hit the spot.

Pisces – Pisces is very nostalgic and remember gifts and the past. They are also very sentimental and can treasure things for a very long time.

Men – Pisces rules liquids and oils so if they like drinking cocktails you can choose their preferred bottle or a box of wine. A membership to a wine club. Anything to do with the sea is highlighted by Pisces so a day cruise on the water somewhere, a nice meal at a seafood restaurant or a place overlooking the water. Fragrance or cologne. For clothing go for blues and greens and for shoes make them special.

Women – A piece of jewelry will be something they take to heart. A nice pair of heels. Bath oils or body oils. Special candles with essential oils. A gift box with selected organic products. A cruise vacation. Foot Massage machine. Manicure/ Pedicure Gift Voucher.

A framed photo of a loved one or with a loved one. Music vouchers with iTunes or other music downloads. Esoteric arts – for example – tarot cards, runes, crystals and also books about metaphysics and healing.

Happy Holidays Everyone and Happy Giving.

Amira Celon

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