How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect Meeting Someone New

How Mercury Retrograde Can Affect Meeting Someone New! People often freak out when Mercury goes in a backwards motion in the sky or retrograde. This happens in total about one quarter of every year so as I like to say life must go on and the show must go on! Should we put our love life on hold for a quarter of every year?

A lot of people are afraid to meet someone new under a mercury retrograde aspect. This can be true in the sense that sometimes people from the past as in your past lives or someone you have dated in this life may circle back around for another attempt at a relationship with you under these planetary aspects.

For many of us, we may go over the past, process what we have done and revisit old relationships either in our own minds or in person. We may seek out an old love or an old love may seek us out.

Often, I have noticed that some relationships that start with a bang under Merc Retro finish when the transit finishes so it may be to learn something new or try something new with someone but you may change your mind about the person when the wheels of Mercury are back in a forward moving motion.

For people who are born with Merc Retro in their natal chart, they may not feel such an impact with this transit. It is important to take a detailed look at your whole natal chart and transits to see where the strengths and weaknesses are at this time.

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