Oracle Cards’ Readings: Predictions or Prescriptions?

by: Anastasia

Oracle Cards’ Readings: Predictions or Prescriptions?

Oracle Cards

The eternal question of all times that we humans ask is what the future has in store for us? This question has been asked again and again by the Pharaohs of Egypt and Emperors of Rome, by the young and the old, women and men, the rich and the poor.

“Will I get what I want?” “

“Who will I meet?”

“Will he marry me?”

“What job will I find and when?”

And so on and so forth. These endless, restless Will? When? How? Who? and Why? …

Why are we so obsessed with wishing to know what is waiting for us over there, around the corner? Why do we worry about something we do not know yet and often times cannot even imagine?

Truly, living in a physical body requires a lot of strength and patience. We are as uncertain about our future as we are fragile in the present, perhaps having had the bad experience of being too vulnerable in the past.

The answer is obvious— we worry because the unknown future totally controls our life. The events yet to be unfolded have such a powerful grip on us, that we turn to divination to let that grip go and breathe in the fresh air of at least some envisioned power over the forthcoming events of our life. We have the right to feel a bit stronger, don’t we? A bit more certain, more prepared for the unexpected…The card reading for us works as a soft pillow that we can prepare in advance to land on in case we fall when we make a leap forward, into the unknown, so threatening future…

…I started reading cards when I was 11. It was a deck of 36 ordinary playing cards with four suits: diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. I was in a summer camp and after playing a game, one of the girls decided to make a spread for a reading using the same cards. For fun. She said to one of us that that girl would marry a handsome guy and have two children, a boy and a girl. We laughed. It sounded so promising!

“How do you know?”, I asked her.

“Oh, in divination, each card has the meaning. You just learn them and learn about the future. Look, the seven of spades means tears, the ten of diamonds – money, the page of hearts—love interest.”

But nobody was yet listening to her. Everybody ran outside to play the ball. The fortune-teller girl threw the deck of cards on her bed and ran away too.

The cards made a wide fan of images, signs, symbols and numbers.

Oracle Cards' ReadingsI stayed. I was looking at the cards in some strange mesmerizing awe, in a daze, as if I have never seen them before. It felt like someone was opening a memory box for me, a box that has been closed and hidden from me in a secret place for hundreds of years until the right time came to open it. It felt as if that time had come. I was looking at all those kings and queens, pages and knights, and it seemed that they smiled and winked at me.

“Come on”, they said, “you know us from before. Don’t fret, we will help you to recall what each of us means, and you will tell them the truth”.

It was scary and yet so fascinating…It was like coming home after a long-long journey of walking in the dark, being blindfold. But on that summer day, quite suddenly, somebody took the blindfold off my eyes. I understood that I could see what the cards were trying to tell me. I literally “heard” them, their voices chatter in my head, as I could hear my friends the minute before they left. It felt like an intricately concocted game of the invisible forces playing with me and who for some reason decided to break their silence and start that ever-fascinating dialogue—whispering their truths, insights, hints or …their tricks?

Since then I have been using cards to “read the future”. I used different decks and different spreads, I read a lot of this stuff in the numerous books, and I asked numerous people who read the cards about what they knew.

But the more I worked through the symbols and decks, the more I concluded that despite I could talk to the cards, and often hear the names, envision the events, and tell the stories yet to come into someone’s life, the future, the way most of us understand it, does not exist…and for a very simple reason—it is we who create it. Nobody else. We do so by negotiating our intentions, desires, aspirations, and strong emotions. Or I’d rather say we co-create it, our future. With the Divine. And this is most fascinating! This is what cards tell us—not about a cut in stone, fatalistic, cloudy, hardly visible and unchangeable, so threatening “future”. But about that landscape, the scenario that we are thinking about in our mind that may or may not become a reality. And exactly how our intentions and ideas about it might change, so might the future.

Once I heard Colette Baron-Reid’s (whose deck I am also using for readings along with Amira’s and Doreen Virtue decks) say: “my readings are prescriptive, not predictive” and I cannot but agree with her. Perhaps, the word “prescription” sounds too didactic and bossy, yet the main stance is obvious.

We can see the symbols of the cards and feel the energies that they open for our intuitive vision while reading a question, but the most important thing for both sides of this process; for the readers and the querents, is to trust the Divine and listen to the advice on how to use these energies for our highest good, rather than waiting for an answer:

“Will I get married soon? Will he love me? Will he never betray me?”

Instead, the cards are telling us: “If you want to get married soon, you should ask yourself what exactly you expect from marriage…” and they give you the symbols as advice to follow.

“If you want him to love you, begin with loving yourself and boosting up your own attractiveness and positivity and he will be attracted to you too because inner happiness and joy coming from within is infectious and never failing to draw in the same…”

“If you want him never to betray you, are you ready to be there for him at times of joy and sorrow, are you ready to never betray him too?”

For me this way of reading cards, my dear friends, is the best use of my gift of talking to cards and feeling the energies that are being so generously given to all of us by the Divine for our highest good.
Is it NOT more fascinating to decipher the language of the Divine and on decoding it, follow the most precious advice than just expect predictions that may never come true?

Come on, my dear friends, don’t fret, join me in this beautiful, always such a fascinating dialogue with the forces that are way larger than us, those that are constantly creating the worlds and galaxies, that are so lavishly pouring upon us the rays of sunlight and the colors of ever changeable skies. Let’s not forget what magic we are. You know, we can co-create our future. Trust me! Cards just help us to half-open the door to the Universe’s creative workshop.

AnastasiaLet’s become its apprentices then, its helpers. In a word, get your brushes ready to paint your future…

Lovingly yours,


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