Signs that you and your significant other are drifting apart

Signs that you and your significant other are drifting apart! Sometimes you may question yourself in your busy life with the kids and your husband or wife – “Are we really together as a couple like we were or are we drifting apart?”

All relationships have their ups and downs and go through fazes but here are a few tips on how to recognize the “under the radar” signs that you and your significant other may be drifting apart.



  1. Lack of communication about spending time together and have alone time and dates outside the family. This can come about after various arguments and fights about how much time you spend together so to avoid further fights many couples just put it in the too hard basket and avoid the subject again.
  2. Feeling like you are two ships passing in the night. If you are your partner have totally different schedules and very rarely spend a lot of time together but sleep together in same bed you may start to feel like you are less close to your partner.
  3. Lack of eye contact. Some people avoid eye contact with their partners to avoid getting into any sort of discussion that may lead to an argument or to avoid a commitment question. This can make you feel not seen in the relationship and not heard leading to a possible breakdown of the marriage over time.
  4. When you spend your free time with friends or doing hobbies where your partner is not present. This creates the people outside your primary relationship becoming your closest allies. In some cases, this is a good thing for a marriage but if all your time is spent with other people then these friends or acquaintances may become your go-to people for any emotional or heartfelt topics. In further cases, this can lead to extramarital affairs.

There are more examples that many people experience that may not be the status quo! Feel free to add yours to the comments section.

Amira Celon
Relationship Expert / Psychic Medium

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