Star Children and the New Paradigm

The Truth About Starchildren

Star Children

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If you study new age and occult knowledge, esoteric news, the earth’s evolution, or really any form of “alternative” spirituality (alternative to what?)..  Then you’ve probably heard of the terms “starchildren”, “indigo children”, “crystal children”, and the “rainbow” children”. Talk of them has been popping up more and more recently, as the collective expands and the thirst for knowledge grows.
So we call them “new kids” but in reality, they’ve been here for a long time, getting humanity ready for the shift to the new paradigm that we’ve currently living. And they’re here…everywhere…helping humanity get used to a it a little better…or to at least help guide the way.
When the Mayan calendar ended in 2012…it was the end of life as we know it. Keywords, “as we know it”. We are living in a new paradigm, and kids are leading the way on living in it. They come in with their high vibration to raise the vibration of the earth itself and everyone around them. They are literally here to change the world. And we are doing it right now, continually, in every moment.

Which bring me to my first batch of kids to talk about. We’ve called the Indigos. (the name is sort of confusing….it came about when people first started seeing the color indigo in the human aura. Just to give you a little history lesson that isn’t very important really) I say the main wave of them were born from the 80’s on, some say the 70’s on..but that doesn’t really matter. That’s kind of the point of this article…the specifics and detail aren’t important.

Anyway, Indigos are the warriors. As the saying goes, we “come with machetes, ready to chop down everything that doesn’t serve the new paradigm). We are system busters…and a passionate bunch. We’re getting older now, and are using our machetes, thats for sure. Just look at all the young adults protesting around the world. We are unapologetically ourselves, and will unapologetically fight for the truth and justice, against war and control. Indigos will call out what isn’t “fair”, and won’t stand for it.
We still need our machetes to break down the outdated systems, but, Indigos have cleared the way for future kids to come through a path of truth and love. Indigos are what I like to call the “frequency pushers”. Ushering and pushing humanity into this new paradigm.

Which brings me to the next batch of kids…the Crystals! They are the wave of compassion and understanding. They incarnate here fully immersed in the earth’s new system with it’s new vibration. Compassion, understanding, and fairness. That’s their thing. Their aura’s often appear as “crystalline” and looking, and, like the name suggests, some are big fans of crystals. Crystal children are similar to indigos in the sense that they can see though falsehood..however they are a little more tolerant of it. They are compassionate to the core. They are understand…and I mean on a deep level. When they understand you, they understand you. They are especially uplifting and positive. They see and offer solutions where others fail to look, because we are so overwhelmed with the complexity of this world. They see through it, and are the leaders on showing us how it’s done… with kindness, gentleness, and patience. Sure, they are a little fiesty like the Indigos..but the patience in these kids… oh the patience!
Because Crystals are naturally born with a higher vibration, their job is to raise the frequency of those around them. Because of that, they can become overwhelmed and are known to be very sensitive, as they are operating from a vibration of compassion and understanding. When they first started arriving, their job was mainly to raise the collective vibrational frequency. They were the first frequency raisers..and they’ve done it well! Humanity is operating from a whole new world and on a whole new level now, and it is increasingly growing. They “hold down” the vibrational base of true compassion and understanding..and that keeps us “in check”. This morning, my 7-year-old on asked if I could play a “I love myself” affirmation video that I’ve been using. Talk about keeping me in check! I like to call them the “frequency keepers”.
The last group are called the “rainbows”. As the pattern has been, they are born at a slightly higher vibration. More psychic. More understanding. Fearless like indigos, with the patience of the Crystals. They’re the current “frequency raisers”.

Now. Here’s where I get to the good stuff. I’ve heard it said that “very few rainbows are incarnated”, or that you can tell a starchild apart from other kids because of their big eyes, or some other specific characteristic. But really, there are none left behind. When starchildren arrive, we arrive together. This is the essence of starchildren…living as a collective! Collectively!
Just because some kids don’t fit the description of what many new age books give, dosen’t mean they aren’t one of the “special ones”. We as humans are ALL “special ones”..that is the starchild’s message!
Each one has their own purpose and gifts, and is a part of the universe’s awesome workings.One crystal child might be extremely psychic and talk about past lives, another is gifted with excellent peruaion skills.The universe uses many, and all gifts…and each “starchild” is doing exactly what they’re born here to every situation and experience. And as they work, they raise the vibrations of those around them.

As all of us here on earth learn and work in this new system of love and truth, we grow and raise our vibration. As our vibration rises, our consciousness and possibilities expand and we become open to things unseen and feelings never felt. We are all finally GROWING, and now just living. So. What i’m getting at here…is evolution. Happening right here, right now, for everyone.
..and the kids are leading the way, reminding us not to fear, and to push on in light. As i’ve heard it said, “the kids will save the world”.

by Guest Blogger – Heather Dickson

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