Total Solar Eclipse in Leo – August 2017

The total Solar Eclipse will happen on 21st of August at 14:30 EDT.

This is how the Solar Eclipse will affect each Astro sign for love and money.

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This applies to your sun sign or ascendant. Eclipses bring up some crisis even if the crisis is a good one like winning the lottery or getting pregnant. It can be a shock to the system. Any new moon is a good time to set intentions and cast your wishes to the universe and with the intense energy of the eclipse, these wishes will have more power. The energy and effect of this eclipse can run for a few months from this date but it is usually from something significant happening during the eclipse like a seed is planted.

Aries – This will affect your fifth house in your astrology chart which rules love, romance, and dating as well as children. You could have an unplanned pregnancy, you could meet your soul mate, you may fall in love. It is a good time to go on a first date or ask someone out who you may not have had the courage to do so. This can be a very romantic time with new starts and new beginnings or be realizing you are in love with someone you already know.

You may be spending too much money on your creative self-expression whether it is music, fashion or art but whatever you spend on will end up being a good investment and you will find exactly what you want. When the moon is in the sign of Leo it is a good time to go shopping but try not to overindulge your desires as you may spend too much. Tendencies are for overspending. Any creative project launched at this time can bring abundance.

Taurus – This will affect your fourth house in your astrology chart which rules the home and family. You may be spending more time with the family due to some importance connected to the mother. You may become a parent at this time, be talking about marriage and family with your extended family. You may move house or the people living in your house may change as in some may go and some may come. Love from the family unit will be very strong.

Some unexpected things can happen in the home, something may break down, an electrical appliance may need repairs, the foundation of the home may have some issues and this is where you may find the urgency to spend money on. Keep an eye on anything electrical, fires and flooring that may be prone to flooding. You may receive money from your family or from an inheritance or family property. You may spend money or be given money to buy a property, or to decorate a home.

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Gemini – This will affect your third house in your astrology chart which rules communication and new skills. You may meet someone for love through learning a new skill or hobby or through a neighbor or sibling. Communication is highlighted for love and there will be more dialog and open and honest talks about feelings. You may go away with your love at a moments notice on a quick getaway.

Extra money will come through networking and meeting new people. You may get an offer to use one of your talents, like writing or promoting, to earn extra income. You may start an online business at this time or if you are already online then your work will take you to new levels through social networks. Being seen by the right people now will enhance your career and open doors for you.

Cancer – This will affect your second house in your astrology chart which rules money, security, and self-esteem. For love, you may be feeling more secure with your partner, you may be talking about buying a property together or discussing finances. For single Cancers, you will start to feel better about yourself both in your body and emotions and start attracting new people who will enhance your life and give you a sense of security.

Regarding finances, there will be new beginnings in your finances and a new source of income but I recommend not to start anything new right now but wait for approximately seven days. You may be looking for a new property, new job and you will get something new after this eclipse has happened.

Leo – This will affect your first house in your astrology chart which rules the self. You can meet a new love at this time or start a new chapter in your current relationship. You will feel that there is something new and powerful is coming. You feel your soul is being ignited and you will feel a lot of excitement and feel like things are about to take off in your life like a rocket! It is a great time for love and romance.

You have luck on your side and you could win something big or small. This is a good time for being in the right place at the right time and following your hunches. Buying a small ticket in a lottery may pay off but try not to overspend or throw caution to the winds. Trust your intuition.

Virgo – This will affect your twelfth house in your astrology chart which rules the past and subconscious. You may hear from a past love, a past love may try to reunite a passionate connection with you. You may be going over the past with a partner a releasing a past theme in your relationship. You may meet someone you feel you have known before like a de’ja vu experience.

Money can come back to you from the past, tax refunds, people from your past giving you money or money owed to you in any way, even through work. A past employer might want to hire you again. Trust your intuition for any choices around money and you will reap the rewards.

Libra – This will affect your eleventh house in your astrology chart which rules friends and associates. You may meet a new love through friends, networking groups, associates or online dating. You may lose some friends and gain some new friends who will be very important for your future and creating the wealth and dreams you desire.

These new friends will assist you to gain more money and be lucky for you. These people can be business partners or networking groups. Your money goals are now changing and you are taking things to a new level. You will reap rewards through connections.

Scorpio – This will affect your tenth house in your astrology chart which rules your career and social status. You may be now be attracted to someone who is more prestigious or has more power, someone in authority or who is an authority on a certain topic. You see a vision for your future now in your love life and are happy to move towards it. Your love life is lighting up and taking you to new heights.

You will have a new career project or have a change in authority around you which could be very powerful for you. You may get a new role and much better position for your work and therefore more money. You may get promoted or have a change in who you are working with. You may suddenly become the boss of something which will give you more prestige in your work life and create more abundance.

Sagittarius – This will affect your ninth house in your astrology chart which rules higher learning and foreign themes. You may meet or be attracted to someone who is from a foreign background or who you meet through a spiritual group or a study group. If you are traveling at this time it is highly likely you will enjoy a holiday romance or meet someone while traveling. This is a good time to take a romantic trip with your partner.

You will have some amazing new ideas for creating more wealth and prosperity at this time. Some of these ideas won’t take off and some of them will. Waiting until 7 days after the eclipse to review your amazing inspirations before acting on them is the key to their success. Something now that is planted will bring great success.

Capricorn – This will affect your eighth house in your astrology chart which rules other people’s resources and sexual affairs. You may have a strong desire to be with someone new or be discussing joint resources with your partner. You may gain now through a partner or client. Strong sexual desires are highlighted.

Gaining money through partners or lovers is very strong now. You may receive an inheritance or money through a settlement that has been ongoing. Your luck with money is collaborating with others or buying a lottery ticket with a friend or partner.

Aquarius – This will affect your seventh house in your astrology chart which rules marriage and business partners. This is a great time to propose to someone, make wedding plans or meet a soul mate. You may end one relationship and start a new one that will be life changing. Some relationships that are not working will dissolve to give way to a new one that will be very important.

Money comes through partnerships whether they are for business or personal. You may start a new business at this time with a business partner that will bring success long term. You may change the people you are dealing with for your banking and finances. Change is in the air for your financial success.

Pisces – This will affect your sixth house in your astrology chart which rules your work and health. You may meet a new love through your work or at your work place. You may fall in love with a colleague or boss. Your partner now may need more care and be more demanding on your time or energy.

Your work conditions may change right now with a new routine and day to day life. You may suddenly change jobs that will take you on a new path for your career and finances. You will find now things come to you when you put the effort in. Your past efforts are now paying off and you can ask for what you want.

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Amira Celon

Astrologer/ Psychic

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